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Brand Identity


Vision & Mission
  • Brand Vision:Ultimate computing solutions for demanding professions
  • Brand Mission:Innovate perfect computing solutions
  • Brand Value and Belief:Earn trust through quality and passion
Brand Products

Getac offers rugged computing product lines of all sizes including rugged notebooks, rugged tablets, rugged handheld for military, police, fire, utility, healthcare,insurance, aotmotive maintenance, and field-service customers. In 2015, a solution for the public safety market, the mobile digital surveillance system, was introduced, combining Internet of Things technology and cloud applications to provide evidence video recording, automatic number plate identification, data retrieval, and data analysis functions, which can aid police force in improving their patrolling efficiency.

Brand Origin GETAC = GE+MITAC

Getac was established by MiTAC Inc. as a joint venture with GE Aerospace to produce and supply defense electronic products in 1989. Getac is the first of its peer industry to introduce Taiwan's first military-grade computers and portable industry-grade computing products. In 1998, Getac Corporation was merged with the Getac laptop business division to produce consumer/commercial laptop computers. The company was renamed MiTAC Technology Corporation. Responding to the changes in global economic and industry conditions in 2007, Getac extended its rugged computing product lines, selling Getac products to overseas markets. In 2009, the Company was renamed Getac Technology Corporation. Getac's brand is now widespread across 80 countries, thanks to its advanced technologies and increasing market share.


 Technology Enabler

Getac truly understands the predicaments of expert practitioners in extreme conditions; therefore, our brand vision and mission is what's driving us toward continuous product innovation to provide the perfect user experience and help our users to improve their efficiency and attain the most perfect performance.

Reliability, Choice and Flexibility

Technology is Getac's core competency. Our brand value pursues not only technology innovation but also reliable and high-quality products to win customer trust. We prompt ourselves to maintain flexibility, provide diversity, and fulfill customer needs immediately to solve their problems.