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Getac Holdings Chairman James Hwang won the First Prize of National Brand Yushan Award

The 23rd National Golden Award for Architecture and the 18th "National Brand Yushan Award" are the most credible and largest construction industry and corporate awards in Taiwan. The award ceremony was held yesterday (Oct, 21st, 2021) evening at the Cathay Financial Conference Hall, attracting hundreds of elite representatives from industry, government, and academia across the country. Vice President of the Republic of China, Lai Ching-te also attended the ceremony to give speeches and awards. James Hwang, Chairman of Getac Holdings Corporation (former name was Getac Technology Corporation, renamed to Getac Holdings Corporation on Oct 1, 2021), was awarded the First Prize of National Brand Yushan Award "Outstanding Corporate Leader" Category.

Each year the organizer of the Award" invites industry, government, and academic experts to select winners based on the criteria of "quality, brand, and taste". It is a highly indicative and credible award. The award categories include "Outstanding Enterprise", "Best Product", "Best Popular Brand", and "Outstanding Corporate Leader". The First Prize is a national level, and the highest honor of the award. It is established to encourage Taiwan's high-quality enterprises, products, brands and leaders to establish a good image of a national brand and to promote Taiwan’s industries, and its visibility and attention in the international market.

James Hwang, Chairman of Getac Holdings, started the promotion of Getac's brand business in 2008, successfully expanded business to the US and European markets, and became the top three rugged computing brands globally. On the other hand, with his keen business insight and mastery of industry trends, he guided the plastic solution business group and the automotive business group to focus on developing differentiated technologies and automated processes to keep or even maximize profitability. Getac Holdings’consolidated revenue has increased year after year since 2013, and it also has maintained profitability ever since. Amid the COVID-19 outbreak and the dispute over trade between China and the United States, Getac’s consolidated revenues reached NT$27.8 billion in 2020, the highest record in 14 years,.; profit before tax exceeded NT$3.24 billion, setting a new record since the establishment of the company. In March 2021, the company's market value exceeded NT$39.4 billion, a growth of 488% compared to 2011. In addition to winning the National First Prize of the Yushan Award for National Brands, Chairman James Hwang was recently awarded as one of the top 100 CEOs in Taiwan by the Harvard Business Review magazine, affirming his excellent management and business performance.

"Thanks to the judges for giving me the honor of first prize, this is a great affirmation to Getac Holdings and represents the joint efforts of all Getac employees, proving our dedication for best customer experience and commitment to bring values to customer are recognized,” said Chairman James Hwang.“We will continue to strive to enhance the influence of the Getac brand. While pursuing corporate optimization, we will launch more new low-carbon solutions from materials, design, technology, and manufacturing processes to demonstrate the company’s resilience and competitiveness of corporate sustainability. "