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Atemitech Corporation Leads the Industry in Developing Industrial MiniLED Touch Monitors


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February 17, 2021, Taipei. Atemitech Corporation, a subsidiary of Getac Holdings Corporation, launches the brand-new industrial MiniLED touch monitors ahead of the industry. The DP-173X-UHD comes with the projected capacitive (PCAP) touchscreen powered by the most advanced MiniLED backlight module technology to deliver an ultra-high contrast at 100,000:1 for sharper and finer picture quality and present a more perfect 3D effect and color saturation. The DP-173X-UHD is also featured with extraordinary ruggedizing capability to provide users with reliable and high-performance in harsh conditions or under strong light.                       

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Quality vision and reliable operation

The DP-173X-UHD is equipped with a 17.3”, 4K-resolution, wide-angled IPS screen with a brightness of up to 1,000 nits (customizable to 2,000 nits). With the exclusive LumiBond® technology, it is clearly readable under strong light, with brightness, contrast, and color saturation remaining unaffected. The MiniLED driver chip supports up to 576 local dimming zones to deliver even better picture quality and shaper color presentation. The refresh rate at 120Hz brings users a highly smooth operating experience.


The DP-173X-UHD is extraordinary in terms of ruggedization. Based on the LumiBond® technology, a transparent resin layer blocks water vapor from entering the touchscreen and LCD layer to eliminate condensation from taking place in between, while enhancing the strength of the LCD panel and touchscreen module assembly at the same time. As a result, the panel can withstand strong collisions, vibrations, and falls, and the screen is scratch-resistant with 7H hardness. Users can also select the option for wide temperature range for working at -30 to 85°C or the mode-switch for operating the touchscreen with gloves and in the light rain. With the ability to achieve all missions steadily in harsh environments, the DP-173X-UHD is suitable for use as medical treatment equipment, gaming machines, vehicle mounting, factory human-machine interface and process monitoring, and information or interactive kiosks.


Full-black screen and classy look

In surface finishing, the DP-173X-UHD presents the aesthetics of “full-black screen” by integrating the panel and frames with special treatment. The unique composite materials with special coating not only optimize the hardness of the front panel’s surface but also provide anti-glare/reflection and anti-fingerprinting effect to enhance product texture and improve user experience.


Flexible I/O layout and installation options meet the diverse vertical market needs

In equipment connectivity, the DP-173X-UHD offers three combinations of I/O layouts. The standard layout comes with the HDMI, VGA, and Display Port video ports and one USB-B and one audio-in port. Option 1 emphasizing web connection is added with the RJ45 and RS232 communication ports. Option 2 is added with the DVI-D digital video interface and the USB-A port for better connectivity with existing equipment. To fulfill the demand for different scenarios, the DP-173X-UHD supports various installation options, including embedded, VESA mounting, desktop, and rack mounting.


According to James Hwang, chairman of Getac and Atemitech, the demand for industrial monitors in the vertical market has been increasing alongside the popularization of smart equipment. With a wide variety of technologies and rich experience, Atemitech provides OEM/ODM customers with total solutions for industrial monitors. Integrating ruggedizing capability and advanced optical bonding, touch, and material technologies, the DP-173X-UHD MiniLED touch display is the best practice of Atemitech’s dedication to solving the pain points of end-users and maximizing value for OEM/ODM customers.


Please visit Atemitech’s website for more information about the DP-173X-UHD industrial touch monitors and customization options.