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Getac Star Internship Program

We welcome all students who are active learners, innovation lovers, challenge takers and proficient language speakers to join the “Getac Star Internship Program” to cultivate their job skills as early as possible!
Committed to making contribution to Taiwan, Getac has focused on training industrial talents of the next generation, with the expectation of connecting academic theories with practical work through participation in internships to cultivate future Star talents.


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    Project Features


    ★ Learning With Dedicated Mentors, Connecting Theories And Practices.

    ★ Internship opportunity for various positions at home and abroad.

    ★ Enhancing interpersonal communication skills at work.

    ★ Competitive benefits and compensation, and overseas internship also provides free flight tickets and accommodation.

    ★ Outstanding internship students will be given preferential hiring opportunities after graduation.

Types Of Internship

Internships in Taiwan: They include summer and semester internships. A summer internship lasts at least two months, and the start time of a semester internship is not limited, depending on the results of negotiation between students and the relevant business units.

Overseas internships: They are mainly semester internships from mid-February to the end of June each year.


Time/Documents For Application Internships

in Taiwan: Application is open between March and June each year. Submission of a résumé and a biography is required.

Overseas internships: Application is open in October each year. Submission of a résumé and past score reports is required.

Process Of Selection

Upon receipt of the documents for application, Getac will review the documents. Interviews will be arranged for students whose documents have passed the review, and they will be informed of the results within two weeks following the interviews.

Contact Information

Do you wish to know more about Getac’s global internship opportunities? You are welcome to contact us! HR Department Email:hrd.taipei@getac.com.tw

Latest Events


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Please feel free to contact us should you wish to know more about career opportunities at Getac!

Human Resource Department,  Email:hrd.taipei@getac.com.tw