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Sustainability Report


We believe in building a better world where everyone is a key actor and where all efforts are indispensable, Getac Technology Corp. works together with different organizations around the globe to provide professional assistance and bring into play key technological capability. Surpassing familiar fields of study, we see a more vibrant possibility from different angles, we hope that these actions can become the seeds of sustainable development, taking root in every corner of the globe, transforming into a force to protect Earth.

Wonderful Ocean Sustainability Project- Sponsoring the ecological research of Italian coastline
In 2019, Getac Technology Corp., the Italian government, Microsoft, and related research units cooperated to work on the "Wonderfull" Ocean Sustainability Project to conduct biological surveys and water ecological research on the seven coasts of Italy, conducting periodical biotype detection at fixed locations and period of time, investigating changes in species structure to understand marine biodiversity within protected zones, explore the use of renewable energy along the coast, sustainable development models and the status of plastic particle pollution. In addition to funding a portion of the scientific research funds, Getac Technology Corp. also provides the key computer hardware equipment needed by the research ships. The characteristics of a rugged computer are waterproof, dustproof, shockproof, resistant to high and low temperature and drop, all characteristics sorely needed by research teams that needs to work in the mountains and the sea. In addition to the biological settlement survey on the coast and estuary, it has to be able to directly monitor important observation subject such as the GPS position of cetacean and other groups to assist in accumulating data for long-term observation and draw public attention to the ecological environment.


Agricultural tractor’s South African expedition
Calling on all sectors to pay attention to environmental conservation

Our natural environment is facing a severe crisis, in order to promote the public's awareness on nature conservation, Getac Technology Corp. supports the "Xtractor Project" to provide rugged tablets and partial funding for vehicles. Four agricultural tractors and volunteer teams -, beginning in April 2018, drove from Cape Town, South Africa, across mainland South Africa, from the vast Kalahari desert, to the towering Drakensberg in Lesotho, then the colorful Indian Ocean, on an extreme 6,000-kilometer expedition, a rich 50-day journey together to bring resources into remote communities and present the magnificent and fragile natural landscape along the way to millions of community platform audiences, revitalizing the importance of the natural environment among all sectors.


Love illuminates the world- Solar powered household lamps
Insufficient supply of power has always been a major issue in Cambodia’s development, especially for families in remote areas and lack of resources, electricity is just too expensive as a proposition. Nights can only be illuminated with kerosene lamps, which not only gets in the way of life, but school students are also unable to read without a stable light source. In 2018, Getac Technology Corp. provided technological assistance to the Tzu Chi organization in the production of household lamps powered by solar panels, enabling families without electricity in the Phnom Penh area of Cambodia to solve their difficulties in using solar energy and bring hope for learning.

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