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Sustainability Report


9-1Social participation

Getac espouses a spirit of “giving back to society in a spirit of gratitude”. The board of directors therefore earmarks part of the Company's profits for the “Getac Charity Trust Fund”. In 2021, total expenditures amounted to NT$ 2.58 million to help the disadvantaged in society and to assist rural education.

  • Buddhist Compassion Relief Tzu Chi Foundation – Participation in the ”Doing Good Together to Relieve Sufferings” program
  • The Garden of Hope Foundation  – Participation in the “GOH Pandemic Prevention” program
Care for Disadvantaged
  • Taiwan Quaker's Hueilong Disadvantaged Family Care Center – Support for center development and subsidization
  • Beunen Foundation – Participation in the “Guardian Angel for Families in Need along the South-link Line, Taitung” program
  • Andrew Food Bank – Care for children and youth from advantaged families and provision of timely and appropriate resources to the Taiwan Mennonite New Dawn Educare Center Taiwan Hope in Love Children Care
  • Association – Support for association development and subsidization
Education in
Remote Areas
  • Ma-Jia Junior High School – “Remedial Teaching Program for Remote Schools in Kaohsiung and Pingtung”
  • Ligang Junior High School-“Remedial Teaching Program for Remote Schools in Kaohsiung and Pingtung”
Cultivating Industrial Experts
Getac Holdings has encouraged young people to incorporate their creativity with industrial development and turn their inspiration into reality. Getac Holdings and its affiliates spare no effort to carry forward the “Y.S. Award”. The award's philosophy centers around innovative thinking and technology-based education to continuously promote a well-developed information society and fulfill the goal of fostering global talent for digital content and design. We also ensure the implementation of our corporate social responsibility, help arts and humanistic education to take root, and engage in environmental protection and social care.

Y.S. Award
9-2Social participation

The 19th Y.S. Award was themed “Sustainable Practice+” in response to the UN's sustainable development goals (SDGs). It serves as the best platform for universities in the country to express their opinions on Environmental protection, social justice and global economic development in the hope of drawing everyone's attention to sustainability. Sustainability cannot be achieved single-handedly and requires the collaboration of more people.

The COVID-19 pandemic has spread widely over the last two years. We human beings must learn how to live with the virus. Smart technology, thus, plays a key role in pandemic prevention. This year's competition theme covered sustainability and smart technology applications. There were mainly three types of creations in the software application and industrial design category: 1. advanced technology applications used for sustainable and environmental issues; 2. detection and assistance technologies for future traffic safety; 3. remote contactless medical and healthcare services. The creations of the golden prize winners of all categories were not only creative and impressive, but also realistic. The film “Let's do the planting together” of the golden prize winner in the Microfilm category won favor with all the judges. It aimed at calling on more people to save energy, reduce carbon emissions and care for the earth.
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