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Sustainability Report


1CSR Committee Chairman

The COVID-19 pandemic, material shortages in e-supply chain, port congestion, China’s power rationing measures, international attention to ESG, etc., are all challenging an enterprise’s business resilience and innovation capability. In 2021, Getac Holdings has maintained the growth by performing sound management and constantly saved the resources of the earth with its strength as a corporate citizen, fostering a better world of co-prosperity with its positive influence. In response to the sustainable development goals (SDGs), we have focused on “ethical management,” “responsible consumption and production,” “green manufacturing,” “friendly workplace,” and “innovative education,” which are set as the directions for the Company’s sustainable development.

In terms of corporate governance, our objectives include improving the corporate governance structure, strengthening the functions of the Board of Directors, and ensuring the information transparency. Accordingly, the Risk Management Committee and the corporate governance officer have been established this year, the performance evaluations of the BoD and functional committees have been completed, and the corporate governance-related regulations have been required to be amended promptly to keep in line with the laws. Meanwhile, the transparency of our revealed information has been enhanced. The Company has constantly remained a member of the “Taiwan Corporate Governance 100 Index” of Taiwan Stock Exchange, and ranked in the top 6–20% listed companies in the corporate governance evaluation for the eighth consecutive year. For the future, the Company plans to promote the BoD’s diversification by appointing female directors to incorporate more different opinions.

For the environmental aspect, Getac Holdings has been carrying out the Green Molding 2.0 Program to mitigate the impacts of extreme climate caused by global warming. We have saved energy and reduced the intensity of carbon emission year by year through the energy saving of the production process. Valuing the water resources, we have also established the objective of decreasing water use intensity year by year, and maintained a recycling rate of processed water of more than 95% for several consecutive years. These are the actions for green manufacturing. In addition, as global warming has caused extreme climate change and management risks, each of our production bases around the world has hired a consultant to provide guidance for ISO 14064 GHG inventories and commissioned a third-party consultant to audit the data since Q1 of 2022. This enables the Company to prepare for the TCFD (Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures) and the future carbon border tax, and be aware of the impacts of climate change on the financial performances early. Furthermore, we have also incorporated the concept of sustainability into the product R&D and technology innovation, developing eco-friendly materials such as PCR (post-consumer recycled resin) and increasing the proportion of recyclable materials in the computer cases. We have called for the stakeholders’ attention to sustainability, taken responsibility for saving the earth, and enhanced the Company’s business competitiveness.

As for the social aspect, Getac Holdings advocates the UN’s Declaration of Human Rights and incorporates basic human rights in the operation, building a friendly and safe workplace for the employees. During the pandemic, we have made efforts to take proper pandemic prevention measures to protect the employees’ health, so all of our production bases around the world have managed to work normally.

On the other hand, we have been improving the work environment, remuneration and benefits, and encouraging the employees to strike a balance between work and physical/mental health. We believe that talents are the keys to the Company’s continuous growth. A company is responsible for providing talents with a safe and friendly work environment, which is also a goal that Getac Holdings has been moving towards. In addition to being certified as a “Taiwan iSports” enterprise by the Sports Administration, the Company has also been selected as one of the “Most Popular Employers for College Graduates” in Kunshan again in 2021.

Meanwhile, Getac Holdings doesn’t fall behind in the social welfare aspect. In 2021, our Getac Charity Fund sponsored the schools in remote areas of Kaohsiung and Pingtung to buy remote teaching equipment so as to ensure that the education in remote areas could continue instead of being disrupted during the pandemic. Getac Charity Fund also supported many charitable organizations that care for underprivileged children and youth, expressing love and contributing to a better and harmonious society. With the growing attention to ESG of different nations, green investing has become popular, and the major countries and enterprises in the world have set long-term goals of net zero emissions. As part of the supply chain, we will continue to enhance the ESG performance, and integrate the sustainability strategies with the operations to take on the challenges of low-carbon economy.

James Hwang
Chairman of the Board &
Sustainability Development Committee Chairman
Getac Holdings Corporation

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