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Sustainability Report



Getac firmly believes that the promotion of sustainability must be linked to the intrinsic core values of technologies to maximize benefits and thereby meet the expectations of all stakeholders. Getac espouses the three core values of “Innovation, Commitment, and Value”, echoing the UN SDGs. The sustainable development direction of the Company represents a synthesis of operating strategies and the ESG (environmental, social, and governance) concept. We hope to promote a better and co-prosperous society as a positive force for good, and to safeguard the earth's resources as a corporate citizen.

1-1 Sustainability Vision


Message From The ESG Committee Chairperson

1-2 Chairman of Getac

Through Sustainability And Paving The Way For A Longer And More Sustainable Future Together.

Year 2022 was a challenging year for businesses, as the escalating tensions between the United States and China, along with the Russia-Ukraine conflict, heightened geopolitical risks and reshaped the global balance of power, impacting industry policies and supply chain configurations. Furthermore, the increasing severity of global warming and climate change made it a global focal point, with major economies enacting legislation to implement carbon tariffs or carbon fees. International corporations began urging their supply chains to embark on decarbonization initiatives or align with the target of achieving net-zero emissions by 2050. Despite facing numerous challenges, Getac Holdings embraced the spirit of innovation and growth, successfully achieving its operational goals in 2022 and setting new records for revenue.

Getac Holdings’ vision is to build a harmonious society of shared well-being and prosperity. While pursuing corporate growth and profitability, the company seeks sustainable objectives that align with its development strategies. By integrating sustainability goals with its operational strategies, Getac aims to create maximum value and achieve mutual benefits.

In terms of corporate governance performance, Getac has been listed as a constituent stock of the Taiwan Corporate Governance 100 Index. It has consistently ranked as the top 6-20% of the Corporate Governance Evaluation among TPEx-listed Companies for the past five years. The company's medium-to-long-term goal is to strive for inclusion within the top 5%. In 2022, Getac Holdings’ board of directors underwent a re-election process, resulting in the addition of a female independent director. Independent directors now constitute 40% of the total board seats. Additionally, to enhance the board's supervision and management of sustainability issues, the existing Corporate Sustainable Development Committee (ESG Committee) was elevated to a functional committee under the board. Important subsidiaries also established their own management-level ESG Committees, improving Getac Holdings’ sustainable governance framework and facilitating the implementation and execution of future sustainability efforts. Furthermore, to enable investors to better grasp Getac's ESG performance, the company actively participated in the S&P (Standard & Poor's) ESG sustainability assessment, with the goal of improving assessment scores and continuously enhancing ESG practices.

In terms of environmental stewardship, Getac Holdings adhered to the responsibility of sustainable consumption and production outlined in the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals). The company devoted itself to developing green products and green manufacturing practices to reduce its impact on the environment. Currently, all significant subsidiaries have completed the ISO 14064-1 greenhouse gas inventory and verification, with plans to complete the CDP (Carbon Disclosure Project) carbon disclosure program in the coming 1-2 years. In 2022, we also implemented the TCFD (Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures) climate-related financial disclosure framework, improving our climate change governance structure and formulating strategies to address climate change. We also responded to the demands of customers and supply chains by implementing energy-saving, water-saving, carbon reduction, and waste reduction initiatives, focusing on major processes and energy-consuming equipment for energy-saving technologies and equipment replacement. Additionally, we embarked on a technical development project for PCR (Post-Consumer Recycled) plastic materials. Our aim was to plan future environmental action programs from a steady perspective and a broader outlook, better aligning with the United Nations' goal of achieving net-zero emissions by 2050 and creating a better and cleaner world.

In the social aspect, Getac envisions building a happy enterprise that drives economic growth and creates employment opportunities, thereby fostering a better and harmonious society. To attract and retain talent, two years ago, the Company initiated renovation projects for dormitories and factory premises in our production bases in China and Vietnam. These projects were completed and put into use in 2022, providing employees with better working environments, dining facilities, and leisure and entertainment options, leading to higher satisfaction in their physical, mental, and spiritual well-being.

The management team led the efforts of employees to expand market share, resulting in consecutive ten years of revenue growth. The company also reflected its profitability in the employee compensation and benefits, providing stable careers and economic income for the workforce. In terms of labor rights and human rights, Getac Holdings followed the requirements of RBA codes of conduct, gradually improving the workplace to achieve diversity, equality, and equal rights. In addition to promoting outstanding female employees and optimizing recruitment channels for people with disabilities, the company also offered more opportunities for retired talents to be rehired. Getac is deeply committed to the principle of taking from society and giving back to society. Apart from providing assistance to impoverished children through the Getac Holdings Charity Trust Fund, the company also nurtures digital talents through the Yu-Show Foundation. In March of this year, the company organized a volunteer activity on a makeup day, rallying employees to participate in a beach cleanup in Fulong. In the future, there are plans to continue engaging in volunteer activities and implementing a plastic-free, waste-free, and carbon-reducing lifestyle, making ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) not just a slogan but a tangible reality.

James Hwang
Chairman of Getac Holdings Corporation & 
Chairperson of  ESG Committee
Getac Responds To SDGs
Focus on the four goals and continue to create long-term value


The UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) provide a strategic roadmap for responses of enterprises to climate change and consumer demands. Issues of primary concern to enterprises and future possibilities and directions in the field of corporate sustainability can be identified through reviews of these 17 goals.

Getac identified sustainability actions and corresponding goals based on factors such as industry attributes, core capabilities of the company, available resources, feasibility, and stakeholder expectations on the foundation of the UN SDGs. Mid- and long-term sustainability strategies of the Company will focus on the following four SDGs: Goal 8 Decent Work and Economic Growth, Goal 9 Industry, Innovation, and Infrastructure, Goal 12 Responsible Consumption and Production, and Goal 4 Quality Education. 

Action plans are concretely implemented in the daily operations of the Company in the two categories of “welfare thrust” and “corporate thrust”. In the welfare thrust dimension, the Company engages in charitable donations and utilizes its technological capabilities to improve the quality of education in remote areas through its Getac Charity Trust Fund. On the other hand, the Company organizes “Y.S. Award” competitions to provide promising young students with a platform and opportunity to give free rein to their creativity and thereby train much needed star performers of the future age of AI. In the field of corporate operations, the Company implements process innovation, enhances its energy use efficiency, and promotes the universal use of eco-friendly materials by relying on R&D efforts in core technologies. Getac actively develops industries with high added value to enhance its corporate value with the ultimate goal of creating new employment opportunities. The Company also strives to build a work environment characterized by equality and mutual respect and a climate conducive to learning and growth to foster talent cultivation as a driving force for innovative R&D. Getac maximizes its influence on supply chain partners through communication, supervision, and encouragement to promote respect for human rights and environmental protection and harness its powers as a corporate citizen for positive causes. 



Constant Recycling Of Resources To Achieve Maximum Benefits Is Our Core Sustainability Goal
  • Supporting Continuous Education for Children in Rural and Underprivileged Areas: The Taiwan Hope Children's Care and Development Association

  • Donating to Support Vulnerable Groups: 
    • The Father Barry Foundation, a foundation under the Catholic Church, 
    • The Quaker Service Hualien Center for Underprivileged Families
    • The Mennonite Christian Church Dawn Care Home.
    • Industry-Academia Collaboration Empowering Future Generations: Collaboratively organizing the Y.S Cup competition, to foster talent and promote collaboration between academia and industry.

Encouragement Of Talent Innovation Diversity And Equality As The Best Catalyst
  • Enhancing employee capabilities - Providing diverse training courses to enhance skills. In 2022, the average employee received 60.59 hours of education and training.

  • Optimizing channels for recruiting individuals with disabilities to promote social inclusion. In 2022, a total of 9 individuals with disabilities were hired.

  • Providing a smooth reemployment process for retired employees. In 2022, a total of 34 retired employees were rehired, surpassing the initial target of 19 and achieving a success rate of 179%.

Utilization Of Core Technologies 
Continued development of low carbon product and technology
  • Incorporating the concept of sustainability into product research and development as well as technological innovation, we aim to develop environmentally friendly materials, such as PCR (Post-consumer recycle resin), which is a type of recycled plastic. Additionally, we aim to increase the proportion of recyclable materials used in computer product casings.

Unlimited Learning Possibilities Through The Combination Of Physical And Digital Approaches And Resources
  • In 2022, the water recycling rate reached 97.8%, with a total recycled water volume of approximately 13,753.81 million liters. This amount is 21.07 times the annual water withdraw.

  • Invested NT$86.04 million made to implement 20 energy-saving projects. These projects resulted in an additional energy-saving of 7,368 MWh, which is equivalent to reducing 4,930 metric tons of CO2 emissions. This energy-saving effort also led to a cost reduction of NT$18.85 million in electricity expenses.

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